Homeowner Recovery Program

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If your home was damaged by Hurricane Matthew or Florence, ReBuild NC may be able to help. The Homeowner Recovery Program provides assistance to repair, reconstruct, replace or elevate your home or reimburse you for completed repairs. You can participate even if you have received funds from other sources; you must include that information in your application.

To start, complete your application online or call 833-ASK-RBNC to make an appointment to complete your application at a local ReBuild NC Center. ReBuild NC sends an inspector to assess your home’s damage and determine if repair, reconstruction or elevation is needed, or if you qualify for reimbursement. Once you are approved, ReBuild NC assigns a contractor to your project. Through every step, ReBuild NC is here to answer all your questions and keep you informed.


To be eligible for the Homeowner Recovery Program, you must:

  • Have a home that was damaged in Hurricane Matthew or Florence.
  • Have owned and occupied your home at the time of the disaster. You must continue to own your home through project completion.
  • Have occupied the home as your primary residence at the time of the storm.
  • Be lawfully present, have legal authority to enter into a funding award and be willing to give program staff, inspectors and contractors access to the damaged property.
  • Have a household income that is less than 150% of the Area Median Income (AMI). You may be ineligible if your household income is greater than 150% of the AMI. For example, a family of four in Cumberland County with an annual household income of $87,150 would be at 150% of the AMI. However, ReBuild NC encourages any applicant to apply who believes he or she may be eligible.