Award Determination

Award Determination


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Once your eligibility has been determined, all funding considered to be a Duplication of Benefits (DOB) is verified, and inspections are complete, the program will calculate your award.

Awards are calculated by taking into account the amount of funds needed to repair a home, as well as the amount of funding already received from other sources for that purpose. During the damage inspection, a program representative will perform a detailed inspection of your home to determine a dollar amount (based on economy/standard-grade materials) for the work already completed and the work that remains. The program will also review any disaster assistance you received from other sources, such as FEMA, SBA, or insurance. Because federal law requires the accounting of other benefits in calculating the award, the amount of other disaster assistance received for the relevant disaster event will be subtracted from the dollar amount determined through the damage inspection. These amounts will be considered against maximum potential program award amounts.

If your award is for the reconstruction of your home, program staff will provide you with information about floorplan options you may be eligible to receive at the time of your award determination. 

Once your award is determined, the program will send you a letter notifying you of your eligibility and award. You are encouraged to schedule an award consultation with a program representative to better understand your award. Once you review your award, you should complete your Selections and Confirmations Form, enclosed with your award notification, to notify the program whether you have selected to accept, reject, or appeal the program decision. 

After your Case Manager receives your completed Selections and Confirmations Form, they will contact you to schedule a meeting for you to sign your Homeowner Grant Agreement and all other required grant signing documents.  

If your award documentation lists “Escrow Funds Owed,” you must deposit the required escrow amount with the program at the time of your grant signing, or, if completing your grant signing electronically via email or DocuSign, you should mail your escrow check after signing and returning your grant agreement documents. 

Escrow funds must be paid as cashier’s checks or money orders made out to the North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCORR). Personal checks will not be accepted. Checks should be mailed to:

Attn: North Carolina Office of Recovery & Resiliency 
P.O. Box 110465 
Durham, NC 27709

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