Homeowner Recovery Program Reconstruction


Reconstruction is the demolition and rebuilding of a housing unit on the same lot in essentially the same footprint and manner of the original home. Below is more information on the reconstruction program. 


Program Details

During Step 5, the program will notify you if you are eligible for reconstruction. Reconstruction differs from rehabilitation in that it is a complete demolition and rebuilding of your housing structure, whereas rehabilitation is the completion of repairs to the existing housing structure.

Program funding to reconstruct a home is determined by combining the total estimated cost to repair the home and previously completed repair costs divided by the home’s pre-storm value. Homes with an estimated rehabilitation cost – including both the reimbursement estimate and the remaining cost of repairs – equal to or greater than 70 percent of the home’s pre-storm value are automatically provided a reconstruction award. Additionally, homes that are condemned, demolished, or unsafe to enter at the time of inspection or as determined by the local municipality are automatically provided a reconstruction award. Homes that are considered not suitable for rehabilitation, per policy, will also receive a reconstruction award. For more information, please review the Homeowner Recovery Program policies here. 

Reconstruction estimates are based on the total under-roof square footage derived from the specific floorplan selected by applicants. If eligible, elevation costs are separate from, and in addition to, the reconstruction estimate. Reconstruction is the default award offered to applicants who have a mandatory elevation requirement or, if eligible, elect optional elevation at the time of their award notification. 

During Step 5, you will complete the program’s Household Composition Reverification Form, which verifies the individuals who are part of your household, including whether there has been any change to the household since the time of the initial application and whether any additional individuals are anticipated to join the household within the next year. The program will also verify income for any new household members and re-verify income for any household member(s) whose income verification is more than a year old. The program has developed a Household Composition Reverification Form Guide to assist you with completing the form; you may also contact your Case Manager with any questions as you complete the form. 

If you are eligible for a reconstruction, the program will notify you of the floorplan(s) you are eligible for based on your household composition. If you are eligible for more than one floorplan, you may choose from the eligible options provided to you by the program. A list of the floorplan(s) you are eligible for will be provided to you in the program Floorplan Selection Form. 

Reconstruction Floor Plans

ReBuild NC offers the following one-, two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom single-family unit floorplans. All drawings and specifications provided by the program are designed in accordance with state and local building codes and meet HUD's Green Building Requirements. 

Applicants who are eligible for reconstruction will be given the option to select a floorplan from a list of options provided to them by the program; this list of options – provided via the Floorplan Selection Form – is based on the applicant’s household composition. 

The floorplan an applicant selects via the Floorplan Selection Form is the floorplan the applicant will receive, although this is subject to change due to local jurisdiction building code requirements or infeasibility to reconstruct the selected floorplan on the lot. The program must adhere to building code requirements and will amend floorplans to comply as needed.