Contractor Selection

Contractor Selection


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After the grant signing, you will move into Step 6. During this step, you will be assigned to a Construction Liaison who will be your point of contact for any questions related to your construction project, and the program will coordinate with you regarding all necessary preparations before construction can begin.

If your award is for the replacement of your mobile home, program staff will provide you with information about floorplan options you may be eligible to receive at this time. 

If your grant agreement includes a repair or reconstruction award, the program will either assign a general contractor to complete construction on your home or bid out the project through a competitive procurement to a list of prequalified general contractors. You will not receive any funds directly and will not do business directly with the general contractor. The program manages and completes the construction process on your behalf.

During Step 6, prior to the start of any construction work, the program’s construction manager will schedule a pre-construction meeting (or “walkthrough”) with you to review all planned construction activities.

If you are unable to occupy your damaged home due to program-related construction or environmental remediation, temporary relocation assistance may be available.

Please note that Step 6 preparations include pulling permits from your local permit office for the construction activities included in your grant agreement. In order for the program to pull permits and begin construction in Step 7, your property taxes as well as all utility bills (i.e., water, electricity, gas, and waste) for the damaged property must be paid in full. If you are unsure about the status of your property taxes, please contact your local permit office or your program Case Manager. If your property taxes and utility bills are not paid in full, the construction process must be paused until paid. 

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