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During Step 7, the program’s general contractor will be issued a Notice to Proceed (NTP) with construction, which allows them to begin construction-related activities. The general contractor will complete all repairs or reconstruction as outlined in your Estimated Cost of Repairs (ECR) and grant agreement.

You will be notified as progress is made and will be required to review and sign inspection forms, as needed, and as outlined in your grant agreement. During this step, your responsibilities also include:

  • Acknowledging the contractor’s right to access the property and home during construction.
  • Removing all personal property, fixtures, and appliances as necessary to complete construction in a timely manner.
  • Agreeing to release the contractor from liability for damages for disposing of any remaining personal property, fixtures, and appliances in the areas subject to repair and/or rehabilitation.
  • Maintaining compliance with program safety protocols (which may include refraining from being on site during periods of construction work, as determined by the general contractor and construction manager).
  • Providing notice of defects within thirty (30) days of discovery.
  • Providing permission to the contractor to secure doors, change locks, temporarily partition areas and/or rooms of the home, or otherwise limit access in the home for areas and/or rooms under construction.
  • Providing permission for the construction manager, the general contractor, and the program inspector to take photos and/or videos of construction as it progresses.

If you have any questions during the construction process, please feel welcome to contact your Construction Liaison, who is your best point of contact regarding construction-related activities. Your Case Manager will also remain a resource for you during this time.

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