Affordable Housing Development Fund

Announcement: Affordable Housing Development Fund - Round 2 Awards

The NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency has awarded $22.3 million from the Affordable Housing Development Fund to three state municipalities for new multifamily housing projects.

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The Affordable Housing Development Fund (AHDF) program seeks to create new public housing in a way that is more responsive to the needs of hurricane-impacted communities. In some instances, it may be most beneficial to create traditional multifamily rental units. In other communities, clustered or site-by-site newly created small rental units may be the best options. The AHDF program will primarily consider new construction but may consider rehabilitation of existing units. 

Supported by the North Carolina’s HUD Community Development Block Grant–Disaster Recovery funds for Hurricanes Matthew and Florence, NCORR may fund projects that have been identified for funding through the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP) process. In addition, NCORR may fund projects that are proposed in the "most impacted and distressed" (MID) areas of the state through this process. 

Separately, NCORR will solicit projects from qualified property management organizations, public, private, or nonprofit organizations, and Community Development Housing Organizations/Community Based Development Organizations to determine the best fit for affordable housing that is responsive to the needs of impacted communities. Upon evaluation of proposals, NCORR may sub-grant funds using the SRA model or enter into a contract agreement to execute projects, based on the nature of the proposer and the proposal. The QAP process described above will not necessarily follow the selection criteria and prioritization criteria defined in the subsections below.

Funding for the Affordable Housing Development Fund will be issued in multiple rounds. Planning for Round 3 is currently underway for an anticipated release in mid-2023.

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