Community Development

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Creating Affordable Housing Options 

The North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency is funding more than 1,000 new affordable housing units in hurricane-impacted regions.

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NCORR provides resources to assist communities in rebuilding smarter and stronger after Hurricanes Florence and Matthew. By creating affordable housing and strengthening infrastructure, storm impacted communities can become more resilient and prepare for future storms.  

Affordable Housing

Many areas of the state had an affordable housing shortage that grew worse when hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed by Hurricanes Florence and Matthew. Increasing the availability of affordable housing for low-and moderate-income families helps house those still recovering from these storms and increases safety and resiliency for future storms.

Multi-Family Development Fund

(Hurricane Matthew)
The Multi-Family Development Fund provides resources to storm-impacted communities to repair and develop multifamily rental housing for low-to-moderate-income renters. The program provides flexibility for communities to rehabilitate existing multifamily housing for affordable rental housing and develop new long-term affordable rental housing.

Affordable Housing Development Fund

(Hurricanes Florence and Matthew)
The Affordable Housing Development Fund seeks to create new affordable housing opportunities to responsively address community needs through partnership with government and development partners.

Public Housing Restoration Fund 

(Hurricanes Florence and Matthew)
The Public Housing Restoration Fund works directly with Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) to rehabilitate or reconstruct housing units damaged by Hurricanes Florence or Matthew. Funds can be used to build replacement rental public housing units, rehabilitate existing units, and engage in other activities that make PHA facilities more resilient to future storms.

Homeownership Assistance Program

(Hurricanes Florence and Matthew)
The Homeownership Assistance Program (HAP) will provide funding in the form of a financial subsidy to offset some of the costs of becoming a homeowner for first-time homebuyers and storm-displaced households. The assistance will be available to storm-impacted low- and moderate-income households to help with a home purchase.


Infrastructure projects are a strategic bridge between acute disaster recovery and long-term resiliency measures. Recognizing the ongoing need to address infrastructure repairs and to enact projects that were identified in the State’s comprehensive, county-led planning process, the state has allocated additional funds to address community recovery and infrastructure needs. 

Infrastructure Recovery Program

This program ensures that communities are not just rebuilt to pre-storm condition, but that they will become safer, especially in areas with high risk of future flooding. This program will also contribute to revitalization of affected communities by helping coordinate this funding with other federal, state and local community development resources. 

ReBuild NC continues to work with all federal partners to maximize available funding. The program also funds stand-alone infrastructure projects that address identified unmet recovery needs that have not been funded by other federal programs.