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If you own a property (home, rental unit, vacant property or business) that often floods or is affected by disasters, you may be able to apply for the Strategic Buyout Program. 

The Strategic Buyout Program purchases properties in specific high-risk disaster risk reduction areas (DRRAs), or buyout zones, allowing property owners to relocate to safer areas. These buyout zones have been mapped in communities across eastern North Carolina. The purchased property is then demolished, cleared and kept as community green space permanently. No construction will be allowed on this land in the future.

Learn more about the application by calling 833-275-7262 and talk with a Strategic Buyout Program specialist to determine if your property is in a qualified buyout zone. If so, the program will send you an application by mail or email for you to complete. As a part of your application, you will need to provide required documentation. You can find a documentation checklist online to help you in completing your application.

Once your application and supporting documentation are submitted, the program will connect you with a case manager, who will serve as your point of contact throughout your application experience. 

If you are a landlord, you will be required to keep the program aware of any changes in tenancy in your units. Eligible tenants will receive assistance as required by federal regulation and outlined in the URA Policy Manual. If your unit is empty when you apply to the program, and a potential tenant is interested in moving in, you will be required to provide the tenant with a Move-In Notice and have them sign an acknowledgement form, which will be provided back to the program. Any tenants living in your property will be assigned a separate URA specialist to assist them with their relocation needs.

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