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Contractors who want to be added to the Construction Assignment List should download, complete and submit the prequalification questionnaire.

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Request for Prequalification of General Contractors

The North Carolina Office of Recovery and Resiliency (NCORR) is looking to develop and maintain a list of pre-qualified construction contractors to complete construction projects associated with ReBuild NC storm recovery programs.

Pursuant to NCORR's Special Delegation, construction assignment contracts can be entered into up to $250,000 without competitive bidding. The pre-qualified general contractors from this list would be assigned rehabilitation, demolition, elevation and/or mitigation work. Projects that are above the threshold will be competitively bid on the State’s Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) and eProcurement Sourcing tool. 

To submit an application to be on the Prequalified List complete and submit the Request for Prequalification Application.

The Prequalification List is not a contract. The individual Assignment Contract will be the contract.

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