Hurricane Matthew Resilient Redevelopment Plans

Community Planning Session

For communities impacted by disasters, part of the recovery process includes identifying ways to rebuild and redevelop wisely.

The Disaster Recovery Act of 2016 tasked North Carolina Emergency Management with facilitating the creation of resilient redevelopment plans for the 50 federally declared counties impacted by Hurricane Matthew. The primary goals were to: 1) develop strategic plans and actions; and, 2) define any unmet funding needs required to implement those actions after other funds are used. The resulting resilient redevelopment plans serve as the foundation for any supplemental funding received through Congress, the North Carolina General Assembly and other funding sources. These plans also provide the basis for the state’s Recovery Action Plan required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development heeded to spend funds allocated through the Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Relief program.

Plans by County

Completed Resilient Redevelopment Plans are available for the 50 impacted counties. Plans include various strategies and actions developed for each county that identifies specific activities to help with Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.