NC Climate Resilience Data

The NC Office of Recovery and Resiliency is responsible for facilitating collaboration on climate and natural hazards resilience. One of the clearest points of collaboration is to share data. To facilitate data sharing across the state, NCORR hosted the Climate Resilience DataPalooza in December 2021. The event featured presentations covering a wide variety of topics aimed at sharing datasets that could be used to understand an area’s vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Watch the full event recording (approximately three hours) or watch the individual presentations (15 – 20 minutes each) linked below.

If you would like to recommend an additional climate resilience dataset to be included below, please send an email to: 

2021 Climate Resilience DataPalooza Presentations

Climate Resilience Datasets and Platforms Covering North Carolina

The following datasets are a non-exhaustive list of resources to support climate vulnerability and risk assessments in North Carolina. Climate resilience data holders submitted information about the datasets and platforms on this list in association with the December 2021 event. That metadata is compiled into this Metadata Packet that was shared with all registrants in advance of the meeting. Those datasets, along with a few others, are included in the chart below. Datasets with an asterisk (*) were presented at the December 15, 2021 DataPalooza event.

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