Nicole Rogers

Clarkton- After Hurricanes Matthew and Florence damaged Nicole Roger’s home, she felt hopeless and overwhelmed.        

“There was water damage everywhere,” Nicole recalled. “Mold started growing. It smelled so bad it was just awful.”      

Nicole needed to repair her home, but she was also planning to go to school to become a registered nurse.      

“Being a nurse will let me help people and care for my family,” Nicole said. “I didn’t know how I was going to go to school and fix my home.” 

Nicole Rogers' home.

When a friend told Nicole about ReBuild NC, she felt like she’d found her answer. She applied to the program and qualified for a new home, which meant she could attend nursing school.  

“I couldn’t believe it,” Nicole said. “It felt like a miracle.”

While Nicole started school, ReBuild NC started construction. In December 2022, Nicole got the keys to her new home.

“I am beyond grateful,” Nicole said. “ReBuild made this possible. I have a new home and now I only have two courses left before I graduate. Thank you, ReBuild!”