Preliminary Eligibility Review

Eligibility Review


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Once your ReBuild NC Strategic Buyout Program application and all required supporting documentation has been submitted, the program will review your application and supporting documentation to determine if you’re preliminarily eligible for the program. The program has two phases of eligibility that you may qualify under. Residential properties owned at the date of Hurricane Matthew or Florence (Phase I) will be addressed ahead of other eligible properties (Phase II).

Phase I Eligibility

  • Primary resident owners: You owned and occupied a property that was your primary residence as of the date of Hurricane Matthew or Florence. If you no longer live at the property today, but still own it, you are still eligible.
  • Rental property owners: You owned one or more rental properties or units as of the date of Hurricane Matthew or Florence and still currently own the property(s). Rental property occupancy currently or at the time of the hurricanes is not required if correct documentation of the property being used as an active rental unit is provided.
  • Second home: You own a second home that was not your primary residence (or the primary residence of a tenant) at the date of Hurricane Matthew or Florence at the time of your application.
  • Previously standing residence and currently vacant land: You owned a residential property that was occupied by either yourself or a tenant at the time of Hurricane Matthew or Florence and is now completely or partially damaged or is demolished.
  • Vacant property: Residential properties that have been vacant for a significant period of time and do not meet the occupancy timeframe to qualify as a rental property, will be considered a vacant property as the property type. Applicants of vacant properties are not eligible for incentives. 

Phase II Eligibility

  • Non-residential property: You own one or more properties that are or were used for nonprofit activities, commercial or industrial purposes, or other non-residential needs that did not earn income and was not your permanent residence.  
  • Vacant land: You own vacant parcels of land that were also vacant at the date of the hurricanes.
  • Other residential properties: You own a residential property purchased after Hurricane Matthew or Florence. 
  • Foreclosed properties: You are a bank operator or other financial institution and own a foreclosed eligible property. 

If you own a property that falls under one of these eligibility criteria, a Strategic Buyout Program case manager will work with you in providing your required documentation to support proof of ownership and eligibility.

For more information about these and other eligibility criteria, please view the Strategic Buyout Program Manual.

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