Gregory Bradley

Gregory Bradley on his front porch


Lumberton, NC When Gregory Bradley was five years old, he moved into a house his parents built. He was still living there 47 years later when Hurricane Matthew caused a nearby river to overflow. 

“Water poured into the house from every direction,” Bradley says. “It reached chest high.” He and his family were evacuated to a local high school where they stayed for a month before returning home to find most of their possessions and much of their house destroyed. 

Unable to afford repairs, the family continued to live in the battered home before Bradley heard about ReBuild NC on the news. “I submitted my application to ReBuild NC in May 2019,” he says. “They started demolishing my old home that fall. Four months later, we moved into a brand-new house.” 

“I really liked how my ReBuild NC contractor kept me informed,” Bradley says. “It’s one of the reasons why I tell others to call ReBuild NC. Their team works hard to assist you in every way.” 

Today, Bradley lives in a house elevated five feet off the ground. “Water would have to come up really high to cause a problem now,” he says. Bradley feels confident and safe and imagines his parents would enjoy the new house, too. “It’s too bad my mother and father aren’t here to see it, but I’m sure they’d be very pleased. It’s just lovely.” 

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