Vickie Cross

Vickie Cross on her front porch


Fair Bluff, NC  In the days leading up to Hurricane Matthew’s arrival, Vickie Cross worried that her driveway might flood. So before the storm arrived, she moved her car down the street to higher ground. It was a smart move. “Within 30 minutes after the rain began, the water outside my house was waist-high,” she says. “I grabbed some food and clothes, waded to my car and drove away.”  

Cross stayed with her grandmother for a week before the roads were cleared for her to return home. At first, she discovered water damage to the HVAC system, duct work and insulation under her house. “But over time, things kept getting worse,” she says. “Floors in the kitchen and bathrooms started popping up. The roof started leaking and the ceiling was falling.” 

A friend recommended that Cross contact ReBuild NC, and she followed up. “The fact that I was approved meant a lot,” she says. “Someone wanted to help me. If I needed anything, my ReBuild NC case manager was there.” 

The contractor assigned to Cross’ home completed the repairs in three months. “I have new floors and carpet and a brand-new roof,” she says. “They fixed my ceilings and replaced both of my decks, repaired everything underneath my house and replaced the vinyl siding. I even have a new master bathroom sink and vanity cabinet.”  

Despite the storm’s damage, Cross never became discouraged and believes that good things come to those who seek them. “I’m the type of person who likes to check things out for myself,” she says. “When the door opened to ReBuild NC, I made sure I was there.” 

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