Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt sitting outside her home with her husband


Fairmont, NC —Jennifer Hunt is familiar with the storms of life. After helping her husband battle cancer twice, she felt she could weather anything, until Hurricane Matthew battered their home.  

“It was very, very rough,” Hunt describes. “We rode out the storm in the house. When we came out, the water was very high and about to go into our vehicles.” 

When the storm passed, Hunt realized how extensive the damage truly was.  

“We had trees coming into the house and water coming in from the ceiling,” she says.  

Multiple rooms were unlivable, and Hunt and her husband were left with only one bathroom. They made what repairs they could, but medical bills had depleted their funds. Hunt, who says she’s never had to ask for help in her life, turned to ReBuild NC.   

“I heard about the program and filled out an application,” she says. “They replaced both of our bedroom ceilings and our floors. I was most impressed with the timely matter they finished the repairs. It helped us get back to our normal life without things being so displaced.” 

For Hunt, it wasn’t just about getting the work done, it was knowing that someone was there to help her every step of the way.     

“They would call me from time to time with updates,” Hunt says. “If I had a question, I knew I could call and ask.” 

With her husband, and two dogs by her side, Hunt looks at her home now and there’s no trace of the devastation Hurricane Matthew left behind.   

“It just meant the world to us,” she expresses. “I’m forever grateful.”  

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