Teresa Floyd

Teresa Floyd

Orrum, NC — When Hurricane Matthew hit, Teresa Floyd and her family had to flee the house they had lived in for more than 20 years. They returned to find their beloved home destroyed, with broken windows, roof damage and floors ruined from leaks. “We just had to live with it,” Teresa says. “We had been rejected from an assistance program, so we were hoping we could fix it all ourselves.”

Teresa, a hair stylist, learned about ReBuild NC from one of her clients. “I had my doubts after being declined by the other program,” she says. “Had I gone along with that mindset, I would have been the loser. It’s really been a blessing.” 

She made an appointment at her local Rebuild NC Center and started the application process. 

“They ask for your tax returns, bills, things of that nature,” she says. “Nothing we couldn’t get together in a short time and submit.” Because of how much damage there was, Teresa qualified for a new home.

During construction, Teresa’s contractor kept her in the loop every step of the way. “We had the most awesome contractors. They handled our new home as if it were their own,” Teresa says. “Everybody took the time to explain things we didn’t understand. It was an amazing experience.”

Having a comfortable home was especially meaningful to Teresa’s family after a challenging time. While her home was under construction, Teresa lost her mother to COVID-19, around the same time that her husband started treatment for a brain tumor. “ReBuild was the blessing in the storm,” she says. “I’m so appreciative of my family and that we have a place to live and aren’t out in the cold. To be able to come home and just take care of my husband without worrying about repairs—it’s a blessing.” 

In addition to looking after her husband, Teresa also takes care of her two grandchildren during her daughter’s military deployment. “To be able to provide a place without mold, leaky roofs and all of that—every morning I wake up in disbelief.” 

There is something else Teresa is particularly grateful for. “Never before in my life have I had my own bathroom,” she says. “Not having to share with the rest of the house has been a delight.” Painted in cheerful shades of yellow and blue, the bathroom connected to her bedroom is a special corner in her new home that she gets to call her own.  

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