Infrastructure Recovery Program

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The Infrastructure Recovery Program is part of NCORR's community development initiative to help restore disaster-impacted communities to their pre-storm condition, as well as make them safer and more resilient to future flooding. The program also aims to revitalize the vibrancy of communities, while enhancing the quality of life of storm-impacted residents, and helping communities develop and implement strategies that facilitate the coordination and use of federal, state and local community development resources.

Utilizing HUD Community Development Block Grant–Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funds, the program provides funding to units of local government to develop stand-alone infrastructure projects that are necessary to:

  1.  Implement projects identified by the State's community-based planning process initiated after Hurricane Matthew
  2.  Address unmet disaster recovery needs that are not funded by other federal recovery programs

Units of local government receiving program awards must be located in counties identified as "Most Impacted and Distressed" due to damage from past storms including Hurricane Matthew.

Funded Projects

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