Homeowner Grant Signing Event Documents

The sample ReBuild NC grant-signing documents include terms and agreements, flood insurance requirements and construction contracts.

Picture of Grant Agreement

Grant Agreement

If you have been offered an award from the ReBuild NC Homeowner Recovery Program, you must sign a Homeowner Grant Agreement when you receive it during the Award Determination stage. Below is a sample grant agreement that includes the terms and conditions that you must agree to when accepting your award.

If the program is offering to make repairs to your home, make additional repairs to your home and reimburse you for completed repairs, reconstruct your home or replace your manufactured home, refer to these documents:

Flood Insurance Reminder

If your home is in a Special Flood Hazard Area, you will be required to maintain adequate structural flood insurance for your home at all times for as long as you own the property. Federal law requires that homeowners who receive federal disaster assistance for a flood-damaged home must purchase and maintain flood insurance coverage on the flood-damaged property for as long as the home exists.

If the homeowner sells, donates, or in any other way transfers ownership of the home after receiving federal disaster assistance, they must inform the new owner of the requirement to maintain flood insurance coverage. In most cases, an existing flood insurance policy transfers to a new owner with no lapse in coverage.

Failure to maintain insurance may result in applicants being ineligible for future disaster relief funds.

Below is an example of the flood insurance requirements document, which must be signed when accepting your grant award:

Reimbursement Self-Certification

If you are being reimbursed for repairs previously completed on your home and are receiving a reimbursement check, you must sign the Repairs Self-Certification, which certifies that all repairs were made prior to Sept. 14, 2018 (Hurricane Matthew) or Sept. 14, 2020 (Hurricane Florence) using your own funds. Below is a sample Repairs Self-Certification Form:

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