Environmental Review

Inspections and Environmental Review


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An environmental review process is required by HUD. This process ensures the construction project complies with federal and state environmental laws, statutes and executive orders. The review seeks to:

  • Ensure the project does not harm the environment or cultural heritage.
  • Ensure there will be no adverse impacts on the homeowner or project.

By law, assessments on impacts to endangered species, floodplains, wetlands and cultural resources are included in the environmental review process.

To complete the environmental review process, the program will perform an environmental inspection. Although it’s only one part of the overall review, the environmental inspection is critical for determining potential issues where a project may adversely affect the environment or the homeowner. Environmental site inspectors will not need to enter the home, but they will take photographs of the exterior and surrounding area.

The completed environmental review helps the program determine an award calculation and determine whether elevation of a home is necessary.

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