Victoria Moore

Riegelwood, NC – Victoria Moore never imagined that she’d be celebrating her 69th birthday with a new home. “It’s the best birthday gift anyone could ask for,” Moore said, holding up her keys. “I so glad to finally be home.”

When Hurricane Matthew hit Brunswick County, it caused severe damage to Moore’s home of over 20 years. Two years later, Hurricane Florence brought another round of destruction. 

“When Florence came through it really did a number,” Moore recalled. “It rained for about two and a half days and the wind was so bad. That’s where the major damage came from. The ceilings fell in. The floors were falling out. There was black mold in the bedrooms.” 

The Best Birthday Gift

Moore lives with her brother and father. The damage was so bad that her brother had to move into the shed in the backyard. Moore put tarps on her roof and did what she could to repair the home, but it was more than she could manage. She didn’t know what to do until her mail carrier told her about ReBuild NC and the Homeowner Recovery Program.

“She saw the tarps on my house,” Moore explained. “One day she just pulled a card out of her pocket that had ReBuild’s website on it. She told me that they could help me and that I should look into it.”

That’s just what Moore did. She submitted her application and couldn’t believe it when she found out she qualified for a new home.

“I had to read the letter three times,” Moore said. “You would think I was five years old. I jumped up and down on my bed and ran through the house yelling, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’”

During the construction process, Moore stayed in constant contact with ReBuild NC. 

“They were always helpful and let me know everything,” Moore said. “They were honest and upfront with me. They were always checking in on me.”

In March 2024, Moore got the keys to her new home just in time to celebrate her birthday.

“Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what I’ve gotten,” Moore said. “I’ve got a beautiful home. My roof is solid, my floors are solid, my foundation is solid. Everything about it is absolutely safe and made to the highest quality.”

Moore says she’s looking forward to spending many more birthdays in her home and doesn’t need to make a birthday wish because she already has it.

“This is my miracle,” Moore said. “There aren’t enough words to show my gratitude and my thankfulness. ReBuild North Carolina has been a positive thing not just for me but for a lot of other people. Thank God that you were there.”