Aerial view of flooded homes

NCORR works with many partners

to help North Carolina plan ahead and bounce back.

Building Community Resilience

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The Resiliency Program works to build a stronger North Carolina, where communities, economies and ecosystems rebound, adapt and thrive amid changing conditions and challenges, including disasters and climate change.

ReBuild NC partners with local governments, state agencies and community organizations to improve resiliency in:

  • Social and financial systems that drive prosperity
  • Human-made and nature-based infrastructure
  • Ecosystems and natural habitats that provide critical services and assets
  • Health and well-being of North Carolinians statewide

Program staff coordinate the State Disaster Recovery Task Force, which brings together experts from many organizations and disciplines to advise state agencies on recovery and resiliency. The team also provides technical assistance and guidance to local governments looking to build resilience into their overall operations or specific projects