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Homeowner Journey to Repairs/Reimbursement

The ReBuild NC homeowner journey to repairs/reimbursement is an 8-step process as outlined in this infographic.

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The 8-Step Process



All homeowners impacted by Hurricane Matthew should dial 2-1-1 to schedule an appointment at a ReBuild NC application center to complete an application. A program representative will be available to walk a homeowner through the application process at the time of their scheduled appointment. Applications for single-family housing recovery programs must be completed by the May 31, 2019 deadline to be considered.

Applicants will also be required to bring supporting documentation to their scheduled appointment to complete their application. A full list of required documentation can be found at



Eligibility Review

The program will review the homeowner’s application and supporting documentation to ensure that the homeowner meets the program’s eligibility requirements. In some cases, applicants may be required to submit additional supporting documentation to prove occupancy, ownership, income, etc.


Duplication of Benefits Review

Applicants must disclose any previously received financial assistance, including but not limited to, funding from FEMA, SBA, private and NFIP insurance, other disaster recovery programs, and private or non-profit organizations. Receiving funding from other sources does not disqualify a homeowner from receiving assistance from ReBuild NC, however, it may impact the amount of grant funding for which a homeowner qualifies.


Inspection and Environmental Review

All homeowners deemed eligible for ReBuild NC assistance will be contacted by a program inspector(s) to schedule an inspection of their damaged property. These inspections will be used to confirm there are no environmental risks and calculate damage received and determine the estimated cost of remaining repairs. Homes constructed before 1978 will also receive a lead-based paint inspection.


Grant Determination

Once program eligibility has been determined, the homeowner will receive their grant award. The formula for calculating a homeowner’s grant award will vary between programs and will be subject to program caps for each respective program. To learn more about the available reimbursement, repair, and reconstruction programs for single-family and manufactured housing units, please visit

+ Estimated Cost of Remaining Repairs
+ Estimated Cost of Completed Repairs
- Amount of Previous Assistance Received/ Offered (Duplication of Benefits)
= Maximum Program Award (Subject to Program Cap)

Upon finalizing a grant determination, the program will contact applicants to schedule an appointment to review and sign their grant award documentation.


Contractor Selection

For single-family home repairs or reconstruction, homeowners will be assigned a contractor from a pre-qualified list. Once selected, the homeowner and contractor will schedule a pre-construction walkthrough (as needed), along with an appointment to review and sign the construction agreement.

If a homeowner is in need of temporary housing during the repair and/or reconstruction process, they should notify the program during their pre-construction meeting.

For homeowners eligible for a new manufactured or modular home, the dealership will request approval from the program by sending a signed Sales Agreement and NADA report. The dealership will not be allowed to collect any down payment from the homeowner until the program approves the purchase price and options. Once the home is approved, the homeowner will be required to pay to the dealership any Duplication Of Benefits (if applicable) and provide verification of payment to the program.



Construction will be monitored by a ReBuild NC inspector. The homeowner will be notified as progress is made and will be required to review and sign inspection forms, as needed.



Once all work is completed, the contractor (or dealer for manufactured or modular homes) will request a final site visit with the homeowner and ReBuild NC inspector to guarantee all work outlined in the contract has been completed, and that all codes and standards have been met.

At this time, the homeowner must provide proof of flood insurance if the home is located in a 100-year floodplain.