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CDBG-DR Available Assistance for Hurricane Matthew Damage

Hurricane Matthew survivors whose homes were damaged can now apply for additional funds. Funding assistance is available to eligible applicants through the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program. All programs apply to damage sustained in Hurricane Matthew and will meet National Objectives.

For Homeowner Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Mobile Home programs, eligible applicants will have experienced major to severe damage in Matthew and will meet Low-Moderate-Income requirements as defined by Housing and Urban Development.

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Homeowner Programs


If your home was damaged in Hurricane Matthew, this program can help you complete your repairs. For damages that equal or total less than 50% of the home’s pre-disaster value, grants of up to $53,000 may be available.



Grants of up to $25,000 may be available to reimburse homeowners for out-of-pocket costs spent repairing damaged homes prior to applying in person at an application center. Only out-of-pocket costs that have receipts verified by application specialists, exceed funds provided by FEMA, SBA, insurance or other organizations, and were spent between the disaster and October 8, 2017 are reimbursable. Reimbursements will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.



Properties that were heavily damaged may be eligible for buyout. This program is intended to address properties that are not in FEMA buyout programs. Properties will be purchased from the owner at pre-disaster fair market value and will become open space held by local government.



If your home was substantially damaged, this program can help reconstruct your home. For damages that total 51% or more of the home’s pre-disaster value, grants of up to $125,000 per household may be available to reconstruct the home. Note: all other options must be determined to have been exhausted including the inability to elevate the building.


If your mobile home was damaged, this program may be able to complete repairs. Grants of up to $15,000 for damages that total up to 50% of the pre-disaster value may be available based on an inspection of your mobile home. The mobile home must need at least $1,000 in repairs.



Grants up to $75,000 may be available for mobile homes that had damage of 50% or more of the predisaster value. For those mobile homes that had greater than 50% pre-disaster value damage, the homes may be replaced and elevated to one foot above base flood elevation, providing a safer home.



The Homeowner Assistance Program is designed to help families relocate to higher ground who submitted their home into FEMA’s HMGP or HUD Buyout program for acquisition. If the homeowner’s property is acquired by the State using either FEMA or HUD funds in a buyout/acquisition program, and the homeowner needs assistance to bridge the gap between the price that State acquired the old home and the cost of the new home, the State may provide down payment assistance in the form of a grant.

Landlord/Developer Programs


The Small Rental Repair Program provides assistance to landlords whose rental units experienced major to severe damage and have not been repaired. The Small Rental Repair Program is reserved for small rental structures, including single-family rental units, duplexes, triplexes, and buildings with less than 8 units. The units must be affordable to renters earning less than 80% AMI for five years.



The Multi-Family Rental program may provide gap financing to repair majorly to severely damaged rental housing in the most impacted communities, and may create new multi-family affordable housing for low-moderate income renters in the most impacted communities. The program is estimated to help create 300 to 500 units. Up to $53,000 per unit for rehabilitation and up to $150,000 for reconstruction may be provided to benefit low-moderate income residents and National Objectives.