Jewelletta Dixon

Outside of house


Pembroke, NC — While Hurricane Matthew’s winds howled outside her mobile home, Jewelletta Dixon did the best she could to keep her young children calm. “But the storm was awful and scary,” she says. “Rain came in through the kitchen window. Then the roof started leaking.” After the storm passed, the water damage caused mold and mildew to grow throughout her house. 

Lacking the money to make repairs, Dixon sought help. Someone suggested she contact ReBuild NC, so she applied and received good news. “When the contractor assigned to my house by ReBuild NC said we were approved, I thought that he was lying!” she remembers.  

ReBuild NC confirmed that her home was unlivable and, rather than try to fix it, they decided to replace it. “And I didn’t have to pay anything,” she says. “It was a fresh start that would be ours as a family. I loved that.” 

Throughout the process, Dixon kept in contact with her case manager. “I could always get her on the phone,” she says. “She kept me informed and made things happen.” 

For Dixon, her experience shows that ReBuild NC is here to help. She says, “They see people who are struggling and give them better lives.” 

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