Janice Tallman

Outside of home


Hope Mills, NC   Hurricane Matthew did not destroy Janice Tallman’s house, which was still standing after the storm had passed, but damage from a fallen tree, harsh winds and heavy rain was substantial. Her roof, walls, windows, insulation and more needed significant repairs. Tallman says, “I had no idea how I was going to pay to save my home.”  

Then, Tallman discovered ReBuild NC. “I was at my community center when I saw posters describing the program and the people it helps,” she recalls. “I thought, ‘This could be me!’ So right then, I asked the man working at the center for help and he got me started.” 

For Tallman, the application process was easy and straightforward. “It was simple,” she says. “I filled out the application during a few lunch breaks.” Tallman was approved for assistance and in spring 2019, ReBuild NC assigned a contractor to repair her home. A few months later, the work was complete.  

“I cannot say enough good things about my contractor,” she says. “He listened to all of my concerns and made me feel so comfortable.” Tallman’s home required new insulation, ceilings and walls. Her contractor’s team replaced the deck and fixed a broken kitchen window and door. They also replaced Tallman’s outdated HVAC system, water heater and dishwasher with new, energy-efficient models. She reports, “My electric bill is lower now, too.” 

“There’s not a person in my life who doesn’t know what ReBuild did for me,” says Tallman. “The program is truly life-changing.”

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