Eneida Green

Outside of home


Fayetteville, NC If anyone had looked for Eneida Green during Hurricane Matthew, they would have found her in one of the safest places in the house. “I hid in the bathtub,” she says. Green notes the irony that she stayed dry in the tub, while her home’s insulation, ceilings and floors got soaked. “Shingles had shifted on the roof, letting water fall in.”

Green did not have the financial means to fix the damage, so a friend told her about ReBuild NC. “I wasn’t sure they could help me the way they helped her,” she says. “But when I went to the ReBuild NC Center to fill out an application, I met one of the regional managers. She was an angel. She gave me the motivation and support I needed to never give up and always called me back when she said she would.” 

Such attention to detail continued when the home inspector lifted up the carpet in Green’s home looking for mold. She says, “He joked with me, ‘I have bionic eyes. I’m going to find everything.’ And he did!” Soon after, Green was approved for repairs.

ReBuild NC assigned a contractor who replaced Green’s wet insulation, laid new floors, repaired the ceilings in the garage and master bath, updated outlets and installed smoke detectors.

Green remembers her amazement when she asked how much the repairs would cost her. “Nothing. I owed nothing,” she says. “ReBuild NC helps people recover and get on with their lives.”