Edith Hines

Outside of home


Fayetteville, NC —  Edith Hines first heard about ReBuild NC on the radio after Hurricane Matthew damaged her house, leaving a broken HVAC, rotting wood and soggy insulation. 

Then Hurricane Florence passed through, causing more damage. She didn’t have enough money to make substantial repairs, so Hines lived without air conditioning or heat — until ReBuild NC stepped in.

The contractor that ReBuild NC assigned to Hines’ home completed all the work she needed in less than a month. “They were really fast,” she says. “They fixed my HVAC system, put in new insulation and ducts, and repaired and painted my walls. They were very efficient and knew how to fix every problem.”

Hines was impressed with the crew’s progress and professionalism. “They went the extra mile to get the job done right,” Hines remembers. “They put their whole heart into their work, and I could tell that they loved helping others. They are number one on my list. I felt like I gained another family.”

Her experience was so positive that Hines was inspired to return to where she first learned about ReBuild NC: the radio. “I called the ‘Good Morning, Charlie’ radio show and praised ReBuild NC,” she says. “I explained how they know what to do and how to get it done. I hope that anyone who was listening called ReBuild NC to get help like I did.” 

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