Brenda Moore

Outside of home


Fairmont, NC – When flowing water from Hurricane Matthew caused a hole in the floor of Brenda Moore’s mobile home, she was shocked. “I could see straight through to the ground,” she says. “The only fix I could afford was a piece of plywood, so that’s what I put over it.”


Soon the rest of Moore’s floors and walls began to buckle. The storm also caused damage outside — her mobile home’s support structure and siding were destroyed. “It was hard to stay warm that winter,” she remembers. “So I started looking for help.”


A newspaper advertisement introduced Moore to ReBuild NC. “Applying was easy,” she says. “I went down to the ReBuild NC Center and filled out the paperwork. My case manager was nice and made sure I understood everything.”


An inspection revealed that it would cost more to fix the mobile home than replace it, so the contractor assigned to Moore’s project demolished it and delivered a new one. “I love everything about it,” she says. “The grandchildren get their choice of three bedrooms when they sleep over!”


Receiving the keys to her new house was the highlight of Moore’s ReBuild experience. “I cried with happiness,” she says. “If it weren’t for ReBuild NC, I’d still have a hole in my floor. I feel blessed every day.”

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